“I have been with Alexa for 4 years and I cannot express how grateful I am to Alexa and her wonderful teaching. I suffer with Dyslexia and it is one of the worst things to have when trying to remember and learn something as complex as a new language like Japanese. Alexa is extremely kind, friendly and encouraging when it comes to the lessons. She always manages to find fun and engaging ways for me to learn things; like through songs and pictures as I struggle just reading the textbooks by themselves. I am also able to hold conversations entirely in Japanese and know N4/N5 Kanji, Grammar and Vocabulary. I have been to Japan twice, I’m going a third time this summer, and each time I have been able to problem solve, hold conversations and make friends completely in Japanese which was a fulfilling experience; something I could not have done without Alexa.
She is a bright and bubbly character who you can tell genuinely enjoys teaching and getting to know her students personally. I can wholeheartedly say Alexa is a good friend of mine whose conversations I cherish as they always make me laugh. I would recommend Alexa to anyone wanting professionalism in a calm and friendly atmosphere whilst learning a new language.”