“Alexa is a bubbly, enthusiastic and quite simply the most fun tutor I have had throughout my educational life. Not only does she place my lessons in a slot that accounts for my time, but she also tailors my lessons to my ability and my general interests. Something largely important for my lessons with Alexa is the way she motivates me with her enthusiasm as a teacher but also the friendship you build as the lessons go on. Alexa has amazingly managed to teach me over 150 kanji, both alphabets and a range of vocabulary that is beyond countable. We also now converse mainly within Japanese, which has enhanced my speaking and listening capability; this benefitted my previous holidays to Japan allowing me to delve into the language and culture to experience as much as possible. The enjoyment I feel when I manage to listen to and respond with complex sentences is fulfilling, and without Alexa it would not have been possible. Whether you are stepping into Japanese for the first time, or aiming to progress your abilities even further and truly test your limits, Alexa is someone that I would recommend with the utmost enthusiasm. She is capable of pushing you to your linguistical limits whilst making you feel like you’ve had a study group with a friend.”