“We started with Alexa in early 2014, wanting to pick up a little vocab before setting off on a tour of Japan. Alexa came highly recommended and so we began with two hours a week in the months before our trip.”

“We instantly hit it off with the whole family, Alexa was very warm and welcoming, making us feel comfortable in her home. This combined with such a fantastic trip meant we didn’t even contemplate not continuing with Alexa upon our return. That was over three years ago!”

“We always have a lot of fun during our lessons and we always learn something new. I had very low expectations of myself going in, but before I knew it I was reading and writing hiragana! Since then Chris has gone on to complete the N5 JLPT, passing the first time, with additional help from Alexa.”

“Japanese is so far removed from what we know, but with Alexa’s patience, determination and fun approach to our lessons, we now know so much more than we ever hoped to! This includes around 1000 vocabulary words, kanji, grammar points and a variety of songs – not to mention so much on Japanese culture!
Alexa is not just a great teacher, but a wonderful person, should our lessons ever end, I hope (and believe) we would remain friends.”